Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We Deny Everything

Friends of D.A.D, we have received news earlier today that leads us to believe that D.A.D. and its supporters may be in for a difficult time over the next several days.

The scandal-mongering, so-called "journalists" at ZTM News have shown us a video recording which they plan to use as the centerpiece of a major report shortly. They are interpreting this video in such a way as to cast D.A.D. and at least one of its public figures in a highly negative light.

As you might expect, we deny everything.

More to the point, there is nothing to deny.

But... We do not want to get into details right now, lest we give this report more publicity and more credence than it might otherwise gain. We simply wanted to warn you, our friends and supporters, that you might soon hear some negative things about D.A.D. And we wanted to urge you not to believe these lies, half-truths, and innuendos spread by a bunch of cowardly and malicious ne'er-do-wells who practice tabloid reporting.

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